Guangdong Jincheng Industry Co., Ltd. Was established in 1996 and is currently a sizable private provincial enterprise with advanced technology in the industry. Jincheng has several subsidiaries located in Hong Kong, Shantou, Guangzhou, Dongguan and Xinjiang province. Its business mainly involves textile and clothing, including dress designing, manufacturing, dyeing and trimming of garments. With workshops of nearly four million square meter area, Jincheng has developed a complete and automatic assembly line which comprises a standard design system on product research and development together with over 100 full set of German KARLMAYER computer controlled multi string bar warp knitting machine as well as dyeing and trimming measured equipment.

Jincheng believe in people oriented and harmonious development and spent a considerable sum of money to build an environment of 40% greenery coverage, having a forever green, multi-leveled and dimensional pattern, to create atmosphere of elegance, comfort and civilization in both the area of industry and living complex.

We are mainly engaged in production of laces for warp-knitted underwear. Soon after the incorporation of our company, we established our grand goal to “create top-grade Chinese brands and participate in international competition” and leverage technical innovation for survival and development. We have introduced a complete system of advanced warp-knitting equipment from Karl Mayer of Germany and shaped a complete modern production process ranging from product research and development, process design, warp-knitted, weaving and dyeing to finishing. We take priority in management, leverage technology and market orientation.

The factory has an area of 30,000 square meters, different kinds of equipment more than 100 sets and from the first class warp knitting machineries, of which the main kinds are computer-controlled multi-bar warp knitting machineries.

Design originates from the open thinking. We are pursuing the possibility of innovation. Our passion and our faith could be conveying in the design. The first meaning of the beauty of design is innovation. Design is innovation. If we are lack of innovation, design will be lost her value. If we are lack of creation, product will be lost her life.

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